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What Veterans Bring To An Organisation

Skilled & Adaptable

Veterans are highly trained and educated. They have the proven ability to easily learn and adapt to new environments with identifiable and transferrable skills.

Veterans will quickly become an invaluable asset within your organisation and will enhance productivity.

Team Players

Veterans are taught from day one the importance of working as a team to achieve a common goal.

As an employer, you can rest assure they will be dedicated to attaining the goals set in place for them and to work collaboratively with others.

Thoughtful Leaders

Veterans are nurtured through their military career to be leaders.

The ADF trains veterans to lead through example and to support, inspire and mentor others.

They will show leadership and good governance throughout their tenure in your organisation.

High Performers

It’s no secret that veterans know how to perform under pressure.

They have the ability to stay level-headed under stress, take control and achieve strict deadlines.

When it comes to meeting, veterans will strive and lead for you during these periods.

Respectful & Honourable

Veterans are not only accountable, they are respectful of procedures and standards.

They are trustworthy, honest and accountable for their actions, they will provide you with confidence that they are doing their best by you and your organisation.

Case Study

Adam Nickoll is a retired veteran who Working Spirit helped find a job at MACA Mining as a dump truck driver.

Adam joined the ADF in 1986, first serving with Sydney’s 3RAR parachute battalion before later moving into clerical work. He worked for the ADF for 20 years before retiring.

After leaving the ADF, Adam struggled to find work in the civilian world and at his lowest point found himself out of work and out of money, living in a tent in bushland south-east of Perth.

He enrolled in several courses to qualify himself and applied for countless jobs. But none of the applications were successful, and soon all of his funds had dried up.

With the assistance of Working Spirit, Adam was able to find employment within only days. He has now been happily and successfully employed with MACA Mining for since October 2019.

MACA Mining has continued to use Working Spirit’s services to hire other dedicated and hard-working veterans.

To find out more about Adam’s story visit the ABC website via this link.


What Working Spirit Offers

Working Spirit offers employment opportunities for Australian military veterans and is Western Australia’s local veteran-focused recruitment agency. We work with businesses to place suitably skilled, experienced and motivated veterans into roles and opportunities available throughout their organisation.


Working Spirit has an exclusive pool of cultivated talent who have received word-class training from the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Our candidates come with a broad spectrum of backgrounds, skills and experiences transferrable to the civilian work environment.

Networking Events

Offering our customers the opportunity to promote their organisation and brand, Working Spirit hosts a number of networking and valuable events connecting customers with sought-after candidates.

The events also allow our customers to meet with candidates to discuss potential upcoming opportunities and identify talent our customers need to fill missing gaps in their organisation.

Fellowship Work Experience Program

Have a work experience program within your organisation? You can also partner with Working Spirit whereby we will we can help place a fully insured transitioning veteran in your company on an approved work release from the ADF.

What Veterans' say ...

airforce - raaf pattern

Introducing Elizabeth

Thank you to Karyn and the Working Spirit Team, for all your support helping me find my current employment.

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Introducing Max

Please pass on my thanks to the team at Working Spirit for enabling me the opportunity to speak and network with potential employers.

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Ex-Navy: camouflage pattern in black and greys

Introducing Dillion

Thanks for all your work and I have referred you on to a few members also discharging.

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Introducing Peter

I wanted to thank you for all your help with my resume and CV.

Thanks to you, I have just attained a job.

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Ex-Navy: camouflage pattern in black and greys

Introducing Holly

Holly reached out to Working Spirit to find a carpentry apprenticeship in …

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Introducing Jay

I am now 3 months into my employment with Byrnecut. I have really been enjoying it. It has actually given me an opportunity to gain employment on site as a Paramedic. Which I don’t think I would have gotten if I want working for Byrnecut.

Once again thanks for the opportunity to get into the industry.

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