Corporate Fellowship Program

We have a Corporate Fellowship Work Experience Program to assist transitioning members and also separated members of the Australian Defence Force. We meet with the members and discuss the areas they wish to purse post their military career.

Working Spirit network and meet in consultation with companies in Western Australia and have successfully assisted transitioning members since we launched this program.

About the Program

Companies can recognise the potential of military veterans who have worn the uniform with pride for their country. Veterans breed integrity and hard work. They are well trained and have shown leadership under stressful conditions. Veterans are shifting back into civilian life and want to have an honest job but are finding it difficult to secure employment.

The transition process for veterans is a lifetime process that can be divided into three essential phases:

  • Prepare – Skills assessment through our Corporate Fellowship Program
  • Transition – Marketing and networking
  • Lead – Connecting and succeeding in employment post their military career.

The Corporate Fellowship Work Experience Program allows companies to capture the talent of these veterans with a work experience program by helping veterans:

  • Gain a better understanding of the veteran experience
  • Helping veterans to “sell themselves” something which can be unnatural to the veteran population
  • Recognise the exceptional potential they can make to a company.

Military personnel have acquired many skills and numerous courses throughout their careers but they are not sure how all this would fit into civilian employment. Defence members may have an idea of the type of work they wish to pursue post their military career but may need experience in order to transition into a field of work post transition.

Military members may be entitled to assistance from the military prior to their separation. Military members are given approved absence and days range from five (5) to a maximum of twenty three (23) days, depending on their length of service. Military members do not need to use all of their allocated days. They cannot use these days post their separation from the Australian Defence Force.

Link to training – Military members can use the experience to ascertain whether they have the skills acquired through their Defence service are relevant or they may find that there is a skills gap and they maybe eligible for training courses under their career transition.

A military member is also eligible to use work experience in a family owned business.

Working days are generally weekdays. If interstate travel is required then weekends are counted.

Indemnity Insurance for transitioning veterans – There is nil payment from the work experience employer. If they are injured whilst undertaking work experience they advise the military on their return as they are full time members of the Australian Defence Force who receive free medical and dental. They will then receive any treatment by the medical staff on base. The transitioning member is also fully covered under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

If a company agrees to give work experience to a transitioning Defence member it, is arranged for the transitioning member by Working Spirit. Working Spirit in consultation with the company arrange the necessary paperwork for the transitioning member. This includes an approval letter on the Company’s letterhead.

Once approval is authorised by the transition cell at HMAS Stirling, the transitioning member is employed as ‘On Duty’ by their military work area for the duration of the work experience. The member will report to the company and will provide the letter to the designated person within that company.

For members that do not have an approved discharge in and wish to undertake work experience they do so at their own risk and on approved leave from their military employer.

Members that have already transitioned out of the Australian Defence Force are eligible for Working Spirit’s Corporate Fellowship Work Experience Program.

We liaise with companies to assist these veterans gain experience in an area of employment interest post separation. Veterans are entitled from five (5) to (23) days at the discretion of the company.

Veterans will work with the company to showcase their experience to ascertain whether they have the skills acquired through their defence service are relevant or they may find that there is a skills gap and they may need to undertake further courses at their own expense.

Veterans would normally work weekdays unless the company selected requested some weekend work due to the nature of the employment the veteran is interested in undertaking.

Veterans would be covered medically under their own medical insurance to complete work experience and do so at their own risk. They are to sign an insurance waiver agreement provided by the company they complete work experience through.

We have many veterans and soon to be transitioned members wanting to undertake the Corporate Fellowship Program. Companies that are interested in assisting our veterans can contact karynhinder@workingspirit.local

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