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Have you considered Hiring a veteran?


Working Spirit is works collaboratively to build relationships with businesses ensuring that ADF Members and Veterans have the platforms to transition into employment.

What Veterans Bring To An Organisation

Skilled & Adaptable

Veterans are highly trained and educated. They have the proven ability to easily learn and adapt to new environments with identifiable and transferrable skills.

Veterans will quickly become an invaluable asset within your organisation and will enhance productivity.


Veterans are taught from day one the importance of working as a team to achieve a common goal.

As an employer, you can rest assure they will be dedicated to attaining the goals set in place for them and to work collaboratively with others.

Thoughtful Leaders

Veterans are nurtured through their military career to be leaders.

The ADF trains veterans to lead through example and to support, inspire and mentor others.

They will show leadership and good governance throughout their tenure in your organisation.


It’s no secret that veterans know how to perform under pressure.

They have the ability to stay level-headed under stress, take control and achieve strict deadlines.

When it comes to meeting, veterans will strive and lead for you during these periods.

Respectful & Honourable

Veterans are not only accountable, they are respectful of procedures and standards.

They are trustworthy, honest and accountable for their actions, they will provide you with confidence that they are doing their best by you and your organisation.

Want to hire a veteran?

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