Introducing Denis…


This is a veteran story with special meaning to
Working Spirit. Denis is being medically discharged from the Navy.

Working Spirit organised a Corporate Fellowship Program for Denis with Airflite.
After the Corporate Fellowship Program, Airflite have offered Denis a job.
Thank you Airflite for being a veteran friendly employer!

Introducing Keith…

Keith Navy Veeran

Keith has served in the Navy for 33 years. He joined the Navy as he has always liked ships, particularly the aircraft carriers, and used to enjoy going down to Fremantle to see them.

Introducing Peter….

Peter Navy Veteran

Peter has served in the Navy for 10 years and is discharging this year. …
With the looming decision of ‘What am I going to do?’ when I leave the Defence Force I started getting anxious, stressed and having regular panic attacks, I even at one point had convinced myself that maybe I should stay. … advice for transitioning personnel it is to not be afraid to pursue what makes you happy because in the end it is better to try and fail at what you love than to not try at all.