My name is Karyn Hinder and I am a military veteran with service in the Australian Army and the Royal Australian Air Force. This year I have served 25 years with 12 of those also in the Australian Army. I commenced my career as a Soldier in the Australian Army. I have had the pleasure of working with exceptional male and female leaders, whilst also experiencing extreme situations.

Over the journey I have learned many things from my service both here and abroad. Something I am extremely passionate about is the difficulty for serving men and women to adjust back into society. What is even more distressing is the flow on effect of injury, anxiety, stress, depression and other major symptoms and diagnoses, which lead to difficulty in gaining employment, confidence and hope.

To give you a little insight in my business ‘Working Spirit’ is a non-for profit based business. The charity was born after a very close friend and a colleague of mine whom I have had the privilege of serving with, has been going through tough times experiencing the abovementioned symptoms, whilst dealing with the stresses of finding meaningful employment and adjusting back to mainstream life. The other side of the business will be gaining employment for Military spouses and partners as our posting cycle is every three years.

Working Spirit’s goals and objectives is to raise awareness of veteran employability to businesses both in the Public and Private Sector in Australia whilst highlighting the workforce potential of military spouses/partners. In addition, I will also be creating a work experience program for transitioning service members.

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