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Working Spirit has been mentioned by Army Art
in the July 2018 issue of The Listening Post on page 40 and 41.

Army Art Perth

Army Art is Perth’s longest running charity art exhibition. Started in 1974 by then President
of the SASR Ladies Auxiliary, Maureen Smethurst, the Auxiliary wanted to further foster the positive relationship between the ADF and the Perth community by providing a platform for both emerging and established artists to exhibit their work. With the exhibition held at the normally off-limits Campbell Barracks, the enthusiasm to attend was enormous. Funds raised were
donated to local charities.

Army Art wanted to encourage a proactive engagement with what can be a difficult process, to assist people as they reorient themselves and move through any transition process, positively adapting to change. This year we are supporting Tiny Sparks and Working Spirit, both organisations started by passionate individuals committed to ensuring positive change in our community.

This year Army Art chose the theme ‘Transition’ to focus understanding of the event and explain the reason for selecting our two beneficiaries. Life transitions are something we all experience, whether it is becoming a parent, supporting a sick child or partner, relocating or embarking upon a new career. The threads of our lives reweave themselves often in unimaginable and unexpected forms.

The Listening Post

July 2018 Edition

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Karyn Hinder Working Spirit Founder
Karyn Hinder
Working Spirit Founder

Karyn Hinder - Founder

It was great to attend the Perth Army Art Art Exhibition and be recognised for our hard work in the community.

If you would like to register for our FREE upcoming Event please check out the Events page.
For more information please email me at karynhinder@workingspirit.local

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