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Byrnecut Australia

Byrnecut Australia collaborates with Working Spirit

Byrnecut Australia Byrnecut Australia are an equal opportunity employer, offering a diverse range of job opportunities in the mining industry. In collaboration with Working Spirit, …

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Kedron Wavell Services Club Awards Working Spirit Social Media Manager

Kedron Wavell Services Club Awards Working SpiritSocial Media Manager Thanks to the Kedron Wavell Services Club. Working Spirit was honoured to be one of the …

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Working Spirit’s non-executive director

Non-executive director Heath Mackay strong military history

Working Spirit’s Non-Executive Director Strong Military History Working Spirit’s non-executive director Heath Mackay has a strong military history in his family including his grandfather who …

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Karyn Hinder fights Veteran unemployment

Karyn Hinder fights WHEN a soldier goes to war, we don’t question whether they are capable of defending this land… We don’t question if they …

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