Veterans face a fight against
Unemployment post-military life

Cheri at ABC News


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Army, Navy and Air Force veterans face a fight against unemployment post-military life

An Article by Eliza Laschon from ABC Perth

Cheri had a successful 24-year career in the Army before deciding to return to civilian life. Her tours in the Middle East and various deployments at home earned her a set of skills that would be the envy of most workers.

Key points:

  • Many veterans struggle with employment in their transition to civilian life
  • Veteran unemployment rates are far higher than those for civilians
  • Many veterans have valuable skills and are viewed as an untapped resource

Now, as well as an admirable record of service, she has 30 job rejection letters to her name.

Finding the right job outside of the Army, after she voluntarily discharged in 2010, has proven far more difficult than signing on the dotted line to enlist.

“I think unfortunately in recent times, we’ve all been tarred with the same brush — that a lot employers and even just members of the public … think that all Defence Force people suffer from PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder],” said Cheri, who did not want her surname published.

“We’re all ‘broken down old crocks’. We’re ‘has-beens’, we’ve ‘got a lot of baggage’. Therefore we’re unemployable … they don’t want to touch us.

“It’s unfortunate, because not everyone has those issues. Certainly I don’t.”

Karyn Hinder Working Spirit Founder
Karyn Hinder
Working Spirit Founder

Karyn Hinder - Founder

ABC News journalist Eliza Laschon covering the a news story on the challenges veterans face a fight against unemployment post-military life

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