Introducing Renee…

RAAF Veteran


After serving in the RAAF for 9.5 years Renee transitioned in 2016. Here is her story…

Renee: I joined the RAAF in 2006 as a Clerk, now Personnel Capability Specialist (PCS) and discharged in 2016. I have had the opportunity to be involved in exercises, a deployment and be put out of my comfort zone on many occassions which has made my time the greatest and most adventurous time of my life. I would never of achieved what I have experienced in the “outside world”.

In my nine and a half years of service I was posted to 285 Squadron, Headquarters Air Lift Group and 1 Combat Communications Squadron at RAAF Richmond (NSW) and Defence International Training Centre at RAAF Williams-Laverton (VIC). I had a different experience at every new posting which made moving to a different unit easier, it made you feel as you were starting a new job, with a new adventure ahead. Being able to support members with their administration is what made me love being a PCS also being able to travel for my job.

I discharged for posting/locality family reasons, however I am a Defence APS employee now working for the RAAF (Executive Assistant to Commander Air Force Training Group) which has made the transition for me very easy and less emotional as I still feel a part of the Air Force family.

My transition advice would be that if you have a letter of offer your transition date may be able to be moved forward.

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