Veteran Stories

Introducing Ange…

“With Working Spirits guidance, support and contacts I secured a job within two weeks!”

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Introducing Matt…

Working Spirit has greatly helped me with my transition into the civilian workplace.

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Introducing Sonya…

Sonya served 26 years in the Airforce. Here is her story..
Sonya: My name is Sonya and I am an Air Force veteran, with a career spanning over 26 years.
A few years ago I returned from a deployment in Afghanistan where I was soon diagnosed with a major depressive illness. This was due to ill treatment of me during the entire time that I was deployed so I found it very difficult to resume back into my old life.

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Introducing Nicole…

After serving 21 years in the Royal Australian Air Force as a Personnel Capability Specialist, Nicole has successfully made the transition to work in her business full time. … now work with people who are facing major change successfully transition both in business and personal lives.

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Introducing Shannon…

After serving as a military pilot Shannon was medically discharged in 2012. Unable to fly commercially, he had to find a new career. Here is his story…

Shannon: Since I was 5 years old all I wanted to do was be a military pilot – I was lucky enough at this age to ride on a family-day joy flight in a Caribou at my Dad’s RAAF reserve Squadron and I was hooked!

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Introducing Amber…

After serving as a Air Force Crew Attendant for 6 years Amber discharged in 2014. Here is her story…

Amber: I worked as a Crew Attendant in the Air Force for 6 years. It was a very rewarding role and I gained so many skills that no Uni degree could possibly provide.

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Introducing Ryan…

After serving in the Navy for 6 years Ryan transitioned this year to civilian employment & owning his own business. Here is his story…

Ryan: I joined the Royal Australian Navy as an Electronics Technician to get out of my home-town and to do bigger and better things. It was a great experience and an ever better stepping stone to a life after Defence, proof of this is my current employment with Department of Parks and Wildlife in Western Australia.

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Introducing Paula…

After serving in the Army for 18 years Paula transitioned to the Reserves in 2012. Here is her story…

Paula: After serving 18 years in the Australian Regular Army, 2 corps, 2 deployments and many intra and inter state moves, Paula transitioned to the Army Reserves in Sep 2012.

Paula transitioned to the Reserves as a means to create a young family balance, as well as, providing herself an option to continue her military career,

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Introducing Renee…

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