Employment Opportunities for Veterans (aka the jobs list)

Employment Opportunities for Veterans is a weekly newsletter sent to interested veterans and Transitioning ADF Members. New Opportunities are added weekly

Below a list of industry sectors we are working with, providing employment opportunities for you – the veteran

With more and more companies wanting to capture the talent, please let us know what industry or business sector you are interested in if one is not listed.

If you have any interested in any industry sector or company or would like to know more  call 1300 219 443, leave your name, contact number if it goes to voice mail and we will get back to as soon as we can. Or upload your resume and let us know what industry sector you are interested in.

It is important to note that if you do not have all the requirements, our clients are very keen to talk to veterans and are supportive of the skills gained from your ADF Careers. 

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Industry Sectors - employment opportunities

Terms of Service

To help us maintain and personalise the service to youThe Veteran, we remind you that your obligations are as follows:
When submitting a resume you are  consenting for Working Spirit to submit your resume and details to potential employers and organisations in relation to my gaining employment, training, work experience, or job support.

We expect you will maintain communication/contact with Working Spirit to advise of any change in: 

  • personal circumstances
  • contact details
  • gained or lost employment or gained interview
    • who with
    • expected start date / interview date
  • any inability to accept employment or interview
  • any barriers to employment and/or training
  • Covid-19 vaccination status

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