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Karyn HinderJoining the Australian Defence Force, whether that be the Navy, Army or Air Force is a daunting and yet exciting prospect! I remember being full of trepidation, and yet prepared to do something greater than who I felt I was at the time, as a young fresh faced 25 year old. I thought my parents had done a great job modelling principled living and teaching me good manners and what it was to have a work ethic. I thought, as I walked through the gates for my Army training, that I was well prepared for life.

One that exhibited qualities of teamwork, integrity, loyalty and respect – under fire, so to speak. My parents had taught me well,
but it was done from a relatively privileged and safe platform, without too much hardship or stress.

Now as I reflect on both my Army and Air Force careers, I feel thoroughly satisfied and grateful for having the opportunity to participate in and experience the training and job experiences the Australian Defence Force has offered me. I have transitioned into civilian life with confidence and skills that are easily integrated and beneficial to employers and businesses
in the civilian sector. The great news is, I was not alone, and had the pleasure of working with many ADF personnel who exhibit the same qualities.

In particular, those women who were drawn to and have had Defence Force careers. They encouraged and inspired me, through their ability to understand, nurture others and thrive in diverse environments, when they only form approximately 12 – 15% of the total workforce.

I strongly encourage companies and small business in Australia to “Capture the Talent: and start hiring our exceptional Australian Female Military Veterans.



All companies seek employees with a strong work ethic, professionalism, loyalty, effective communication, problem-solving skills and leadership. Today’s Veterans are the epitome of what employers require.

The big myth is that Veterans are older men with war wounds. Today’s Veterans are often in their 20’s and 30’s and are ready, willing and able to bring their skills and knowledge to new endeavours.

Female Veterans have much to offer to Australian employers. They are highly qualified and experienced and
ready to make significant contributions in the private sector.
Despite their abilities, many ex-defence personnel have difficulty
gaining employment post-service and this can be particularly challenging for women. This is largely due to employers not understanding the unique skill sets ex-service personnel have and can offer them.

The skills, knowledge and experiences I gained through my military service has been readily transferable in my civilian career and now as a Senator and Minister. It is no secret that we need to do more to ensure the well-being of our service personnel when they transition into civilian life. This is why as Chair of the Parliament’s Defence Sub-Committee I initiated a
Parliamentary inquiry into Transition from the Australian Defence Force
(ADF), which will also examine for the first time the extent of the difference between the experiences of transitioning women and men.

As patron of the Women Veteran Employment Network (WOVEN), I
commend the work that this excellent organisation intends to do to assist
female Veterans transitioning into employment. Congratulations to Founder Karyn Hinder and her team on establishing this wonderful initiative.

I urge all employers to take a look at what today’s veterans have to offer your business – I guarantee you will be impressed.

Capture the Talent

Steps to Hiring female veterans
  1. Download the Woven Brochure
  2. Contact the Working Spirit Team on 1300 219 443
  3. The Working Spirit Team will be in touch to show you how you can  “CAPTURE THE TALENT” by hiring a female veteran.

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